Underage Prostitution Bust


This series of video clips from a US news agency shows an investigation into underage prostitution in the Philippines. The bar owner is an American, of course. While most prostitution is owned and patronized by Filipinos, it is the foreigner owned bars that attract the attention of authorities and charities. The Filipino owners are too well connected and know how to work the system, who to pay and so on. None of which excuses the foreigners who own these bars and encourage underage prostitution or at the least do nothing to ensure the GROs are over 18.

The point is raised that many of these girls are not happy with  being arrested, or ‘saved’. They are doing this to help their families and for many this is the easiest and most effective option.  You won’t read much about efforts to change the status quo in the country and create more employment opportunities for the masses. The rich who own everything like it just as it is. Their kids go to top schools and have great career prospects. The 60% or so of the population on or below the poverty line have few choices. Because the rich own all the land the focus for generations has been on agriculture, yet there is not enough arable land to justify this. They should have gone into manufacturing like their Asian neighbours, providing jobs for the masses. They relied on foreign investment back in the Marcos days but since 1986 that investment has declined. Why? Too hard to do business here and not get ripped off, have to pay corrupt officials or jump through hoops, have local partners who itch to take the lot and so on. At least Marcos used his dictatorial reign to improve foreign investment and jobs while filling his own pockets. Too many at the top of late, with the notable exception of the current President, have carried on the pocket filling but not passed anything on to the masses, just their cronies.

The sex trade does exist int he Philippines and it does, sadly, include children and that can never be condoned. Keep in mind though the one sided presentation of this problem. Foreign bar owners and customers are a fraction of the trade. The vast majority of prostitutes work for Filipino bosses and service Filipino clients. But that is not as ‘newsworthy’ as one fo the former colonial ‘masters’ getting his come-uppance, is it?


4 thoughts on “Underage Prostitution Bust”

  1. I’m Hungarian living in New York happily married to a Filipina. Thanks to reports like this and the United States Ambassador to the Philippines (Harry K. Thomas, Jr.)comment about American child molesters, I can not tell my boss and coworkers when we visit the Philippines anymore. I just tell them we are going to Hungary to my family. I get looks and was accused of being a sex tourist. I’m not taking any chances anymore.

    1. I hear you! Last trip there I went for an early morning walk with my then 11 year old daughter who looks very Pinay and the looks and hostility I got from people thinking I was a pedophile were legion. We quickly returned to the hotel and I made sure I never went out with just her again. This trip it will be worse as she is 14.

  2. Someone should do a study about sex tourist in the Philippines. What countries they come from, where they go and how they do it. They also should make a study on underage prostitution in a similar fashion. I have a feeling that Americans would come out not on top of the list but more on the bottom. Angeles and Cebu bars are packed with Koreans and Japanese and others but not Americans. Americans are easy target as usual. Fits in to the stereotype of the ” Nice but stupid Kano”