Philippine Links

Philippines Dreams Yahoo Group
An unmoderated but policed group for the sensible discussion and dissemination of information and debate on the topic of living in the Philippines, finding and marrying a Filipina, assessing whether the Philippines is the right retirement destination for you and many other related issues.

Filipina Wives – A great web site with excellent articles.

DownUnder Visa – If you need to get your Filipina to Australia, this is the man to trust. Jeff Harvie is experienced, effective and gets the visa you need.

StreetWise Global – The place to by all Streetwise books and other products as well as learn more about other retirement destinations as they are explored and analysed.

Philippines Getaway – A very informative site with some excellent articles and information from a variety of experienced writers.

Filipino- Australian Journal – Another great site with tons of info and interesting articles.

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