Philippines Dreams

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This is the core volume in the series and the ‘Must-Have’ eBook for anyone keen to learn more about the fascinating people and places of the Philippines.  Drawn from the first hand experiences and observations of long time Philippines hand, Perry Gamsby, ‘Philippine Dreams’ sets the stage!

If you are considering finding a Filipina soul mate or simply wish to learn more about this former Spanish and American colony and its people, this is the eBook to read!  Entertaining and informative, it is set out in a way that allows independent reading, pick a chapter at random and enjoy the prose or read from start to finish.

You will laugh as Perry recounts the hilarious Bogo Fiesta and the tragically pathetic Ghost Train ride and the pathetically tragic side show freaks.  You will be moved as you learn of the plight of children
forced to beg, teenaged girls forced to sell themselves to feed their families and sad reality that nothing in this land is free, except the smiles.

This is not a travel guide but rather an experience.  Learn more about the culture in one jam packed volume than most people can glean in a month of vacation time.  Perry sets it out in a simple, easy to follow style that is also easy to read and take in. “This is what happens.  This is why I think they do it like that. This is what you as a foreigner can do about it!”

Whether you are reading about the games small boys play with spiders or the games their older siblings play with your largesse when it comes time to hit you for money, everything in the book is true and if it didn’t happen to Perry himself, it happened to real people just like you and me.

In the past ten years as the internet has grown,  more and more American, Canadian, British and Australian men, as well as many from non-English speaking countries in Europe and elsewhere, have looked to the Philippines for a new life and a new love.  This eBook is the foundation of building a better understanding and appreciation of both the culture and the pitfalls that may await you when you finally travel to the land of 7000 islands.

Just US$9.99  ORDER HERE!