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Photos of March Feeding 2013

Click on the link to see some great photos of a feeding program operated by Rotary, part of the Vitamin program previously reported here.

   VitaminR March Update 2013
March may have been slow in new developments for VitaminR but exciting for what is continuing.  It is now possible to meet and greet some of the children receiving vitamins during our weekly feeding program at, On the Foot of the Cross Christian Church in nearby Habay.  Sign onto Skype and enter the access code: trends4102, Saturday morning at 9 our time, 9PM EST Friday.  Those who have already joined this event have found it most rewarding.
The Rotary Club of Bacoor will continue their strong support of VitaminR for the coming Rotary year.  The development of a steering committee comprised of Rotarians and non-Rotarians is in progress.  The committee is open to Rotarians of Dist. 3810 and active community members of our program.
Our current objectives include, ongoing efforts to establish the VitaminR Foundation, contacting Philippine Pharmaceutical companies for donations of children’s vitamins to be used within the Philippines for the children in most need;  increasing our fund raising efforts through our website, Facebook and grants from foundations.  We are always open to suggestions.
Continue our strong cooperation with both Queensrow Catholic Church and On the Foot of the Cross Christian Church.  Both churches are running weekly feeding programs serving approximately 200 children.  The photos in the attachment are of the On the Foot of the Cross church program on March 2nd this year.  Seeing the smiles, hearing the sounds and sights make these projects come alive.  Remember, Skype this weekend and every weekend, access our live video feed.
Rarely do I take credit for anything with VitaminR.  Unfortunately, I must admit to taking my eyes off Christ, the Chairman of this effort.  Please pray with me and for VitaminR, to our Father, for His continued guidance and blessing on His VitaminR program.  Pray this in the name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ.
 Jim Baumbach
Bacoor Cavite