Property Primer

property primer


The StreetWise Guide To Buying, Selling, Renting and Leasing Property.

Part of the Philippine Dream for many of us is to own a slice of paradise, perhaps a beach front lot or maybe a mountain farm.  The reality is no foreigner can own land in the Philippines outright.  Of course there are always ways around things in this land and this eBook tells you all about your options!

Every foreigner can own a Condo, but what could go wrong?  What about buying ‘off the plan’, sight unseen?  How much more will you need to pay once you own the Condo?  Hidden expenses?  Legal problems?

All this and far much more is included in this ‘First Read’ eBook. If you are looking to rent a place to live, what do you need to know?  How can you even find a place outside of the major cities when there doesn’t seem to be any real estate agents to be found for love or money?  It’s not like back home, is it?

No, it certainly isn’t and unless you know where to look and how to search, you will be lucky to find anything worth considering and it might be a case of them seeing the ‘rich Kano’ coming and take you for the proverbial ride in a jeepney!

It can be even worse and far more money will be at stake if you are buying a property. Perry Gamsby, the author, bought and sold property and rented as well as leased property while living there and he passes on his experiences as well as the collated first hand lessons learnt by dozens of other foreigners just like you.

Before you waste a peso looking for somewhere to live, invest US$9.99 in this valuable resource and save yourself time, money and potential grief!  This eBook is essential initial reading for anyone wishing to educate themselves about the Philippines real estate scene and remember, knowledge is power, forewarned is forearmed!