Filipina Dating

Filipina 101

How To Meet The Filipina Of Your Dreams!
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There are literally millions of men in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe who have found themselves on the wrong side of 40, divorced and all too often financially worse off and their emotional baggage either kicked around or lost in transit!  There is a solution!

The Philippines has millions of warm, wonderful and beautiful YOUNG women eager to meet and marry a “Kano”!  To them, we are all ‘Amerikano’s’, so don’t fight it!  While there are some gold diggers out there, and this eBook will tell you how to avoid falling for their scams, there are far more genuine, loyal and loving women to meet and hopefully marry.

Filipina Dating 101 covers all the vital information you need to know about how to meet your Dream Filipina from a man who has met his!  After several years and numerous experiences, Perry met his dream Filipina in 2001.  Within a few months they were married and together they have pooled their experience and knowledge and co-written ‘Filipina Dating 101’.

This eBook is unique in that you get both sides of the story!  You will learn the motivation and desires of the Filipina, valuable information you can’t just pick up from anywhere!  This eBook alone will save you considerable time, money and most importantly disappointment!

Included are sample first emails and advice on how to correspond with your Filipina so that you start off on the right foot from the beginning.  Give her the right impression and maximise your chances of finding the right Filipina for you while discovering what it is she is really trying to say in her replies!

There is advice and even warnings about how to decide if you are being taken fro a ride, scammed, played with.  It happens and all too frequently but this eBook will show you how to minimize the risk of being taken for a love lost fool!

If you are travelling to the Philippines to meet a penpal or just to check the lay of the land, try our never fail pick up lines that work magic with any single Filipina you wish to meet.  And there will be thousands of them in every mall and shopping center across the land! Enjoy Filipina Dating 101 and enjoy the thrill of the chase!

ORDER NOW! Just US$9.99 Here!