Canadian Goes ‘American’ In Philippines Court!

Seems the love of guns and shooting people with them has travelled across the border from the USA to Canada and then come all the way to the Philippines. The other week long term Canadian expat John Pope shot and killed a doctor and a lawyer and critically wounded a ‘fiscal’ (prosecutor) inside the Capitol Building with a .357 revolver. He then shot himself in the head rather than shoot it out with the police, I suspect. It seems ot me his argument was not with the cops but with those who had brought charges against him for various alleged offences.

Wile I do not condone ever the murder of anyone, perhaps Pope was driven to a place beyond the bounds of reason? He was involved in various incidents with locals at his sub-division and seemed like he felt his life was at risk. I don’t know the details but I do know other expats who have fallen afoul of the ‘Jose Rizals’ as I call them. Filipinos who think they are the social superior of others and resent the expat’s money and fair complexion. I have heard too many true accounts of expats being hounded and harassed and the law being used against them to ‘put them in their place’ by these people. Whatever the truth behind this tragedy, take it as a warning that if you live here then you need to be mindful there are a lot of ig egos and chips on shoulders and as a kano you stand out; you are an easy target. So be nice to your neighbours and remember it is their country. Even if we don’t behave like they do towards us when they are in our country, that doesn’t change a thing. It isn’t fair, I know. It’s da pilipeens and dats how it is!