Vitamin R Update

The Philippines is full of good people, both locals and expats. One of those is American Jim Baumbach, a keen Rotarian.

“Rotary Clubs in other parts of the world will be needed to achieve our goal of reaching 1,000,000 Filipino children in poverty and children through out the world.”

To that end we have begun our quest to reach out to other clubs both in the Philippines and the world.  To date we have met with the Bacoor Rotary’s sister club, Pohang Songlee , South Korea and early in November with the Edison New Jersey Rotary.  Both are amazing in their warmth and concern for poor children throughout the world and the Philippines .
The Edison Club has encouraged VitaminR to apply for a matching Rotary District Grant and suggested their willingness to financially support our grant effort.  We thank them for their consideration and will follow their suggestion early next year in some form.
The Rotary club’s of Lancaster Hempfield and Lancaster South extended their warm welcome to the Rotary Club of Bacoor.  A banner from the Rotary Club of Lancaster Hempfield will be presented to the President of Bacoor upon our return.
A side note: I had the opportunity to meet the President of Darrenkamp’s market in Willow Street, PA.   On a visit to Home of Hope Orphanage in Bacolod Philippines , children received T-shirts with the Darrenkamp’s name.  The needs of children reaches the hearts of many and many respond with generosity that is greatly appreciated.   An act of kindness may mean little to the giver but a great deal to the receiver.
Our goal in December is to attend meetings with 5 additional Rotary Clubs around Lancaster as well as contact District Governor Dennis Zubler of Rotary District 7390. This is a wonderful experience and we expect great things for VitaminR to develop.
Please remember you may donate to VitaminR on through our website.  If you haven’t visited our Facebook page please do, many photos of the children and Rotary Club of Bacoor members in action.   You may also Like Us on Facebook.
This is the month we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Small gifts of kindness to both friends and strangers are great ways to show His love.