Rabbits For Fun And Profit

A dozen years ago I looked at breeding rabbits as a food source but my wife was sceptical. She claimed Filipinos wouldn’t eat rabbit. She may have been correct, then, but today it is a small but growing agri-industry.

Rabbit meat is low in cholesterol, high in protein and a single doe can produce over 20 young a year. If you have ten does and one buck, that’s 200 rabbits for sale.  As well as the meat, they produce excellent fertilizer and the fur can be used as skins or to make felt for hats.

More Filipinos are buying rabbits as pets, also. You may prefer to target this market if you are squeamish about killing those cute, furry little friends. As an additional income source to a small mixed holding with pigs, chickens, goats and ducks, rabbits can be a good thing.