What About The Dog Business?

There is room in the Philippines for more dog training businesses. You don’t have to know how to train the dogs yourself, but perhaps you are a a trained dog trainer or handler about to retire from the service? Either way you can always hire the help you need at a modest cost compared to starting such a business back home.

There are already dogs in the country from which you can choose, but bringing a dog in is easy and requires little more than a quarantine form and medical check and the payment of a fee. No months in quarantine waiting for your dog to be released while the bills mount up. Of course good blood stock is never cheap but as a retirement activity to keep you busy, breeding, training and selling dogs has a lot of good things going for it.

You can start off with just a single pair and work from there, or bring in three or four bitches and a dog and network with local breeders for new stock. The market includes government and corporate security clientele, as well as private individuals. Dogs can be trained as obedience/companion animals as well as guard dogs, drug or explosive detection dogs and so on. Give it some thought.