Here’s my latest and greatest! It is going to be huge! I have gift baskets full of shells that will sell for US$20 to US$30 in a craft shop back East, all day long! How much did I pay for them? Would you believe a buck? One Dollar! Moreover, I bought them retail, remember!

business deal

The significant expense is shipping, of course. I think you could add US$2 each basket if you shipped by sea, in say a Balikbayan type box. You could easily fit fifty baskets in and that would price it around US$100, so I guess that is within reason. Smart operators would ship for less, much less.

So you add US$5 to each item, by now they cost you US$8 each, landed in the USA and before customs duties, taxes, etc. are heaped upon them. Even at US$2 a basket, the shop is paying ten bucks and making 100-200% on top.

What is the secret? The secret is to have the outlet in the USA or Europe or Australia where you can sell your box of gift baskets. I admit US$250 per box isn’t a lot, and maybe it will take the shop a season to clear its stock of seashell gift baskets. Of course, if you can find one shop to make a box, then you can see two, and three and four. One day, you’ll get that long-awaited call from the giftware buyer at Wal-mart and before you know it.