Bataan Day

April 9 is when we remember the surrender of the US and Filipino forces on Bataan, 1942. After several months of heroic defense with little food and supplies they were finally overcome by the Japanese. Not ready for the logistical nightmare of moving over 60,000 troops and many wounded, they marched most of them from Bataan to San Fernando where they boarded trains for Capas and then the final walk to Camp O’Donnell. Along the way some 16,000 men were murdered by the Japanese in what has become known as The Bataan Death March.

I have followed the trail of poignant markers from Mariveles to San Fernando. I have been to Camp O’Donnell and have the honour to say I contributed to the Cross that has been erected there in honour of those brave men and women.

Click on the link above, read about the Battling Bastards of Bataan. Lest We Forget