True Love Or True Lies?

This is a tricky report to write as one must take into account the feelings of the people, real people, one is reporting on. Apart from any risk of getting sued (a bit difficult given the cyber space jurisdiction) one must consider the feelings of the individual and of course, their families and friends. Who is anyone to judge and decide unequivocally that the person is scamming or even that they are not a real person, just someone using an alias and a purloined photo to lure unsuspecting victims into sending money?

You judge for yourself. The information presented here is available at the web site links given and any opinion is purely my own. If anyone feels they have been defamed or slighted in anyway, they can contact this web site and ask for the material to be removed or they can offer their account and it will be published as a right of rebuttal. As you read on, though, I am sure you will appreciate why the page has been compiled, to warn those who feel like scamming men or playing with the emotions of the women or vice versa.

First of all I visited a well known and as far as I can discern, a reputable web site that has been online for some years. One of the photos of the ‘most viewed’ Filipinas caught my eye as she seemed very attractive and Fil-Am, or at least not full Indo-Malay Filipino. It is unusual for Fil-Am (Half Filipina, half American or Foreigner) women to use these sites and when they do, there is always a story to be had.

The lady in question’s bio immediately rang alarm bells, but not before I noticed every one of her five photos had her looking down, photographed from above or with her neck covered so you could not see her throat. Most Bakla (Bayut) or transsexuals can be spotted by the Adam’s Apple or the large hands, failing that the palm up, extended arms are a give away. Women’s arms bow outwards noticeably, men’s are much straighter. The fact the throat was never clearly in shot aroused my suspicions.

I then read the blurb and knew if not a man pretending to be a woman, at the very least this person is pulling a scam. Here is the text with my commentary in brackets next to each point.

Broken Bow 

The photo that caught my eye.

My name is PRECIOUS,i am turning 28 years old on July 11th.I grew up in the monastery for 18 years with the nuns for i was orphan since birth. (A girl orphan in a ‘monastery’? Even if she meant a Nunnery or Convent, how ‘pure’ and convenient there are no relatives to worry about, no ties to hold her back)


I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines,but i am jobless and a job seeker now for nurses are not in demand but in abroad. (Great! Do you know how much nurses make in America? So if you are on SSS you know your pretty young wife can work and make a lot of money for you both to live on and she won’t be a burden on you and she is an orphan so no sending money home to Mom and Dad)


The Hostess With the Mostess

I have met my fiancee January he went here to the Philippines and went back to the USA,we have secure together my PASSPORT and FIANCEE VISA at US EMBASSY here in the Philippines. (Even better, to those who don’t know the system they will think the Fiancee Visa has been granted and can be switched to them, but it can’t. If they know this then this suggests if she got it once she can easily get it again and she has a passport already and hey, if the US Embassy checked her out then she has to be legitimate!)


we have lost communication and i have received a call from his sister telling that he died for he met a car accident. (Even better, she is now free to love you and because the sister was the one who called, it shows she is genuine and so on)

What do you think?


To be honest,my HEART is wounded and broken now for our future is now will be a broken bow.I have dreamed Him last May 28th and in my dream he told me that i need to pursue with my life and move forward and not be stagnant for i was so depressed and all alone to think about His lost.Now i am ready to go on with my life and searching for a right person for me to love and care. (Which is where you come in, fella)

Note the throat is covered and the photo is well composed

I want to meet a Male
with age from 18 to 80
and I want to meet for Marriage.

Everyone is opened to knock my HEART,i wanted a loving,caring,respectful and a supportive husband.I am seeking for a MARRIAGE,whom i will be with him till death do us part. (Sure, we believe you)


Now check out the photos. My wife claims the breasts are too far apart for real and I noticed she is in a bar in three of the shots, perhaps a hostess? The photo choices are clever and well thought up and properly done compared to some of the ‘snaps’ some of the genuine girls post. She has attracted several admirers who I would be keen to contact and find out how they went with her. Make no mistake, this is an attractive person and I would think, other than the photo angle and lack of throat in shot it is a very real woman. Whether it is the woman or person answering any correspondence is another matter.


im looking for my soulmate and my partner


Note the dancer's legs on the stage in the backgroundThe next one I studied was without doubt (in my mind at least) a woman. She is also a working girl as you can see in the background of one photo the legs of the dancers on the stage behind her. I would also suggest the shot in the pink tracksuit with the lockers behind her was taken in the GRO’s changing room, not at the local gym.

Taken in the GRO change room I'll wager

So what does that mean? Simply that at some stage in her life and possibly ongoing, she is working as a hostess or GRO (Guest Relations Officer) in a bar. While prostitution is illegal in the Philippines and paying a bar fine or ‘Early work Release’ to take the GRO out of the bar ‘on a date’ is no guarantee of sex, we know it is going to happen. As someone once remarked, ‘Are the Kennedy’s gunshy?’


She might still be working as a GRO but does that make her a bad person or even a hypocrite for wanting a man who is a ‘…God fearing christian with having a simple vision and mission in life…’


And then there was Gracielle. At 35 she is not going to find too many Filipino men to take care of her giving the abundance of much younger women. She is also not as glamorous as the other two and not as polished in her choice of photograph to post. Yet she is, I would bet money on, very genuine. I would also think she would make a good wife and companion,although who knows if she feels she has to send money home every month to a dozen sponging relatives. Who knows anything until one corresponds and starts the relationship. Yet compared to the first example who is clearly scamming to the second who might have a few more miles on her clock than she lets on, this lady is probably the typical Filipina of old. Loyal, loving, fun and above all, a one man woman.


When you visit these penpal sites keep in mind the site does not, nor could they expect to, vet every person who posts a profile or answers an ad. It is caveat emptor, buyer beware. They provide the venue, the meeting place. It is up to you to make sensible choices. A lot of people meet their future spouse at church, yet if that marriage goes awry or one partner doesn’t tell the truth to the other, do you go and sue the pastor? If you meet at a ball game, do you blame the home team or the visitors when it all goes wrong? An introduction agency or web site is merely a conduit that brings people together. After that, you are on your own so use some common sense and don’t be a fool.

Make no mistake there are plenty of scumbag men out there who prey on the feelings and desires of these women. They are lower on the totem pole than a Filipina scammer simply because they don’t have to resort to this to survive, they have more options.They do it because they get a kick out of the power and control, emotions they could never get from a western woman who would tell them where to go quick smart.


Once again, if ‘Precious’ isn’t a scammer and her story is incredulously true, then I will apologize here and amend the content. The same for our God ‘faring’ GRO and also for Gracielle if she would prefer not to have her photo included, although I hope this helps her find Mr Right.



4 thoughts on “True Love Or True Lies?”

  1. I am a bit lost as to why you made this article. So much of it is so typical I really can’t see your motive in printing it.

    1. Articles like these are good for newer members who may not have been scammed yet and learned the hard way. Articles like these help them to be aware that all is not wine and roses when dealing with “pen pals”.