Survival Handbook

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The StreetWise Guide To Personal Safety

More people die in bed than anywhere else yet we still climb in every night and trust we will wake up again in the morning.  Travelling to and around the Philippines is statistically far safer than staying in
your own home yet there is never a guarantee that any place or any thing is totally safe.  You can be at risk anywhere, anytime and this eBook will help you make sure that isn’t while either on vacation or
living full time in the Philippines!

The author, Perry Gamsby is a former Military Policeman, Bodyguard and professional personal protection consultant as well as an experienced Philippines hand and author of several eBooks on this country and it’s culture.  Perry has first hand experience of the traps and troubles that can be lurking in the shadows for the first time visitor and even the experienced old hand.

As well, Perry has included a wealth of first hand experience and advice from many other long term expats who have willingly shared their experiences for the benefit of the readers of this vital volume.

Not just about the scams and pitfalls many travellers know to guard against, this eBook covers topics no other guides even hint at.  What if you get your girlfriend pregnant? What if you catch an STD?  Can you tell whether that boat or bus is safe to ride in?  How do you get out of the country in a hurry if you ever need to? What happens if you find yourself in jail?

These and lots more situations are explored and analysed and credible, valid advice is offered.  Perry believes that personal safety includes managing risks posed by natural disasters, nature (dog bites, snakes and diseases), dangerous driving and scamming good time girls!  It is all here, as well as tips  on how to secure your hotel room and stay safe while travelling on public transport or even in your own home.

For a fraction of the price of travel insurance, this eBook will give you an awareness that more than likely will be more than you need to stay safe and enjoy the time of your life!