Making A Living

make a living


The StreetWise Guide To Employment, Business and Investing!

Not everybody can afford to pack up and move across the world to live in genteel retirement with their Filipina soul mate. Or to escape the rat race and live in a country where sooner or later they will find the Filipina of their dreams.  Sadly, we all need to eat and that takes money!

“MAKING A LIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES!” tells you how you can (and can’t!) do just that!  Perry Gamsby lived for nearly four years in the Philippines using his wits and skills to keep not only himself but also
his wife, two children and extended family alive and kicking!  Once his small nest egg was used up, Perry needed to find an income stream and over the years he found several.

This eBook will tell you what to expect, what to look out for and what you need to know to make a living in a country where  foreigners are prohibited by law from most occupations and activities!  Find out which ones are illegal for you to engage in, which ones require Filipino partners and how much ‘ownership’ you can legally retain.

If you are keen to start a small business or invest in the country, this eBook has all the details.  Step by step procedural information is available either within the text or via the numerous embedded
hyperlinks to dozens of often hard to find web pages.

Getting a job in the Philippines is difficult, damned difficult!  But not impossible and Perry had several while he was there.  Some paid almost nothing but he never had to work for food as some unfortunate
foreigners sometimes find themselves having to do.  Some paid enough to allow him and his family to live well and even employ domestic helpers!

If you have money to invest or are considering helping out the wife’s family with a business loan and some advice, this is the place to turn for first hand information written in an entertaining and easy to read style that is the hall mark of the StreetWise series.