Learn To Speak FIlipino

The national language, Filipino, is some 98% Tagalog, yet millions speak other languages and dialects and to them Filipino (Tagalog) is a foreign language, albeit one they learn at school. StreetWise Global Publications, the new parent to StreetWise Philippines, has commissioned language developers and educators Kristian and Cora Iroy to design and produce our very own, 100% original Visayan Language Course. It is a three level, ten lesson per level course that is superb and easy to complete. We will also be soon publishing the Tagalog version of the course and at just $9.99 a Level or $25 for all three eBooks, this is super value. We are working on an audio version of the course so stay tuned but for now you can get started for just a few bucks!


Level 3 Front cover v1.0

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US$9.99 Each

Comprehensive yet simple and easy to learn, these are the best value eBooks on the market. A complete language learning system at a price any Expat can afford. each Level consists of ten lessons, plus vocabulary Includes pronunciation and information about the language and the culture.


  • Audio Visayan Pronunciation Course so you can hear the words as spoken by a native speaker!
  • List of Visayan Language Teachers you can learn from 1 to 1 and in small group classes!
  • The same course in Tagalog making it easier to learn both major Filipino languages!


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