Now You’re Cooking With Gas!

The price of a tank of cooking gas (Shellane, Gasul, Catgas and other brand names for LPG 11kg bottles) varies widely across the country. From a low of P690 around Manila to P1,000 delivered to your home in some of the farther provinces with an average price of P800. (US$20 approx) If you don’t use lpg then maybe you burn charcoal or rice husks, coconut husks or corn husks, depending on what is grown where you live. This is why most Filipino homes include a ‘dirty kitchen’, one situated outdoors where the smelly stuff is cooked.

Despite the fact the Philippines produces plenty of LPG itself, the price has shot up in recent years. Petrol (gasoline) has also increased beyond the reach of many as wages simply haven’t kept pace with inflation. Yet still there is a huge ‘middle class’ of over 20 million Filipinos who seem to be able to not only keep the existing malls open and in business, but also patronise the many new malls forever springing up all over the islands. Anyone care to comment?