eBook Update

I have recently taken over all operations connected to the sale of my eBooks. I had let some aspects slip into hands that were busy with other matters and consequently sales dropped. I am hoping to rebuild the business to where it was two years ago, a place where you could comfortably live off it if you were living in the Philippines. Not manila or Angeles City perhaps but Cebu possibly and any provincial city certainly.

While the cost of living is up in recent years, it is still cheap to live there other than the fact the Philippines has the most expensive electricity in Asia. Some say it is the fault of the rich ruling families who own the infrastructure and give themselves discounts on their own power, rarely re-invest any of the profits in infrastructure and just pocket the money from a utility people must have. That may or may not be true but there is no question electricity is pricey here. Food is expensive too if you shop in the supermarket and buy western food items. If you keep it pretty native it is still cheap and of course, most poor locals don’t eat much and don’t eat as often. That’s why they aren’t fat slobs like us furringers!

I am translating the eBooks into German and Spanish and hope to sell a ton of them to these new markets. I am also planning on translating my novels into Visayan and Tagalog to give those learning the languages here something to read above an elementary school level reader. Stay tuned!