What About The Dog Business?

There is room in the Philippines for more dog training businesses. You don’t have to know how to train the dogs yourself, but perhaps you are a a trained dog trainer or handler about to retire from the service? Either way you can always hire the help you need at a modest cost compared to starting such a business back home.

There are already dogs in the country from which you can choose, but bringing a dog in is easy and requires little more than a quarantine form and medical check and the payment of a fee. No months in quarantine waiting for your dog to be released while the bills mount up. Of course good blood stock is never cheap but as a retirement activity to keep you busy, breeding, training and selling dogs has a lot of good things going for it.

You can start off with just a single pair and work from there, or bring in three or four bitches and a dog and network with local breeders for new stock. The market includes government and corporate security clientele, as well as private individuals. Dogs can be trained as obedience/companion animals as well as guard dogs, drug or explosive detection dogs and so on. Give it some thought.

Rabbits For Fun And Profit

A dozen years ago I looked at breeding rabbits as a food source but my wife was sceptical. She claimed Filipinos wouldn’t eat rabbit. She may have been correct, then, but today it is a small but growing agri-industry.

Rabbit meat is low in cholesterol, high in protein and a single doe can produce over 20 young a year. If you have ten does and one buck, that’s 200 rabbits for sale.  As well as the meat, they produce excellent fertilizer and the fur can be used as skins or to make felt for hats.

More Filipinos are buying rabbits as pets, also. You may prefer to target this market if you are squeamish about killing those cute, furry little friends. As an additional income source to a small mixed holding with pigs, chickens, goats and ducks, rabbits can be a good thing.

Back In The Saddle

2014-04-19 10.59.12After being away from the helm for a year or so, I’m back in the saddle again, mixing metaphors and posting great articles. In April I visited Cebu and Manila with Frank ‘Currywolf’ Green, a fellow writer and my business partner in Streetwise Global. We drove around Cebu over Holy Week and relished in the relative calm of the less than busy roads. The trick is to miss the flood going home to da probince on the Wednesday or Thursday and back again on the Sunday evening.

This was my first trip to the Philippines without my wife or kids since we were married a decade and a half ago but Frank, my own love for the asawa and a severe chest infection kept me on the straight and narrow.Frank and I enjoyed a lazy weekend with my parents-in-law and other relatives up in Calape and discovered an industrial grade operation making bancas to replace those lost in Typhoon Yolanda last year. It was great to see a dozen or more locals gainfully employed rebuilding the local fishing fleet. I had been asked by three NGOs where they could get boats made and now I have the names and numbers of the people to call.

One of the objectives of the trip was to update the contents of my StreetWise Philippines series of books and that was achieved. Now, back in Sydney I am writing for Down Under Visa and posting my articles on their general info site, Filipina Wives.