Save A Life For Seven Bucks

Here is an update from the Vitamin Project operating in Bacoor. For $6.97 you can keep a street kid in life saving vitamins for a whole year. You’d spend more than that on a couple of beers at Happy Hour.

   VitaminR September 2012 Update
www.VitaminR. org

The children living in the squatter area on Santol Street in Meadowood have been relocated.  It is no longer possible to continue the VitaminR Pilot Project, with more than half of the original group now living to far away.  The Pilot was to run to the end of November, ending a full calendar year.

The good news with the relocation is living conditions for the children have improved and they are no longer living on the damp ground.  For the next update we will have the data compiled and the conclusions drawn on the benefits of daily multivitamins over a 10 month period for the children of the Pilot group.

The vitamins from Vitamin Angels have not been released by Customs here in the Philippines.  The national Dept. of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)  submitted the final request to the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) for the release of the vitamins.  We must wait for the release by the DOJ, hopefully very soon, of the vitamins.

The expanded Feeding program of the Rotary Club of Bacoor, in cooperation with Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Molino and VitaminR, is now feeding approximately 200 children each Saturday.  Cooperation is the key in reaching the maximum number of children with multivitamins and other very beneficial programs.

We can now accept donations online via our website.  Visit us at www.VitaminR. org, click the donation button and chose your preferred option of payment.  $6.97 provides daily multivitamins for a child for one full year. Please consider reaching out; a little can make a huge difference in the life of a child!  Thanks :o).

Jim Baumbach
VitaminR Coordinator
Rotary Club of Bacoor