New Zealand Woman Made A Sex Slave

A report just in alleges a New Zealand woman was lured to the Philippines for a martial arts camp and then forced to be a prostitute before being dumped on a Manila street by her tormentors. As one who has a lot of experience with Filipino Martial Arts and taught Arnis to the locals while living there, I can understand her excitement at being invited to attend a month long training camp at the ‘source’.

I can only begin to empathise with her over her treatment, it must have been horrendous. I wonder how anyman could carry out a sexual act with a woman who was obviously not a local and not a willing participant? Surely, even passive resistance and total non-participation by the woman would signal there is something horribly wrong here? It goes to the heart of the matter, what is the mindset of those men who would use her in such a way?

Many may claim the foreigners who travel to the Philippines and engage bargirls in prostitution are no different but I beg to differ. Those girls have not been forced by anything other than the poverty forced upon their country by the ruling elite ripping off the people in every way. bad enough that that is, it is a very different scenario to the one endured by the Kiwi woman.

The reality is that whatever your personal position, prostitution is the oldest profession and it will remain so while ever there are men and women and we have the attitude to sex that it is something special and can be used as a commodity or for gain. Whether that is on a date, in a marriage or a more obviously commercial transaction, so long as there is a ‘price’ put on sex there will be exploitation. That exploitation is bad enough when it is the person offering the sex exploiting the person accepting the offer, but when it is done via a third party it takes on a sinister mantle all of its own.

The origin of the invitation was Facebook. When will people learn? Facebook is a prime catchment area for the evil people of this world and they are very convincing and very good at what they do. If there is any country in S.E. Asia you don’t travel to alone, as a female, it has to the Philippines, probably followed by Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand. I hope this lady can put this behind her and move on.

Pinoy Ingenuity

You have to hand it to the Pinoy when it comes to recycling and making something out of virtually nothing. In squatter areas where the interiors of the shacks they live in are dark nearly all day, they simply can’t afford to have the light on. Even though many steal electricity by dangerously hooking up to live mains, those who have it legitimately can’t afford Asia’s highest electricity costs. So how do they light up their homes? Watch the video clip from the BBC and see how they use recycled P.E.T. soft drink bottles and a little ingenuity to solve a major problem. It is eco friendly, virtually free (if you made your own from scavenged materials) and very sustainable.

Thanks to Peter from PhilippineDreams1 for the link to this report.

5 Dead In Cebu Shootout

5 Dead In Cebu Shootout


Monday, September 5, 2011

(From the SunStar Cebu)

CEBU CITY (3rd update, 3:46 p.m.) — The number of fatalities in a shooting incident in Cebu City rose to five after the injured security guard died in a hospital.

The security escort of a bank teller who was brought to the Chong Hua Hospital died after he was shot by robbers, radio dyLA said.

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Another security escort identified as Leofer Itak died of gunshot wounds.

The three robbers, believed to be members of the Ozamiz robbery group, also died after policemen responded to the incident.

The suspects carted away P1.2 million from a China Bank teller, who was about to deliver the cash to a money changer outlet inside Robinsons Place Cebu past 9 a.m., a radio report said.

The amount was based on the inventory conducted by authorities.

The teller and his security escort were already inside the mall when the suspects grabbed the cash from the teller.

Itak, who acted as lookout, was about to respond to the commotion but another suspect who is the robbers’ lookout shot him dead.
A security guard died Monday morning while trying to stop a robbery inside Robinsons Place Cebu. (Alex Badayos)

A teller and a security escort suffer gunshot wounds during Monday’s robbery inside Robinsons Place Cebu. (Alex Badayos)

The two robbers inside the mall also shot the teller and his security escort, who was the latest fatality.

The robbers grabbed the bag and sped off.

The teller is still at the Chong Hua Hospital for treatment.

Two other policemen from Carbon Police Station, who just passed by at the area, were wounded after the robbers shot at them as well.

The two policemen identified as Police Officers 1 (PO1) Roy Ceniza and Jay Catacutan were brought to the nearby hospital.

All Cebu City policemen were immediately alerted and responded to the incident.

Responding policemen caught up with the three fleeing robbers, onboard a motorcycle and shooting happened.

Two of the robbers died on the spot while the other died at the Cebu City Medical Center.

The bag containing the cash was recovered.

At least 12 empty shells of .45 caliber pistol were also recovered.

Cebu City Mayor Micheal Rama lauded the policemen for their immediate response. He said he will extend assistance to those who were injured in the incident.

He also urged authorities to identify the robbery mastermind.

Investigation is ongoing. (Sunnex)