Meralco’s Millions – Manila Has Most Expensive Electricity In Asia

It is official, at around US$0.18Kwh, Filipinos in Manila pay more for their electricity than the Japanese (US$0.179Kwh). They pay all costs, taxes and there is no subsidy for industry. And they wonder why foreign investment avoids building their next factory there? Of course one might ask who owns the private supplier, Meralco? That link takes you to a Wikipedia entry that is partly written by apologists for the Lopez family who owned the company completely at one time, as well as a true view of the extent to which Marcos went to control his country and enrich himself.

Of course, Meralco are doing that now, according to some inquiries being held as to why Manileno’s pay so much for their power. While people in Sydney pay the same for their electricity as those in Manila do, the outages aren’t as often. Of course, the corruption of the New South Wales government recently ousted in a state wide landslide election win for the opposition was as blatant as any Filipino politicians’, they just had the good grace to deny it and be embarrassed when caught out. Not that anything changed and, like the good citizens of Manila, Sydney-siders too carry the costs. Surely this proves that it matters not where you live, either you are doing the screwing or you are one of the screwed.

Not So Good News

Can you imagine being held in a rat infested, roach covered hole in the wall for two years and, thinking your freedom is nigh, have it snatched from you and postponed for another month? It happened to our intrepid Brit and his Filipina wife. Their second last case was postponed over a month because of a flood or failure to pay the electricity bill at the court (not sure which) and then the last case has been postponed another month because of the usual load of BS and face saving lies. That is one view. Another is that due process of the law must take place and sometimes there are delays beyond the control of those in charge. You choose your reason of choice. Bottom line, they look like being banged up until early July, past the 2 year mark. Be grateful it is not you.