Good News

The plight of a British man and his Filipina partner held in jail for nearly two years, seems to be nearing a conclusion. Of the original 24 complainants, only four remain after the other cases were dismissed. There is every chance the matter will be resolved soon as Secretary of the Department of Justice DeLima has reminded prosecutors and judges of the rule that insists cases are resolved within 180 Days. Given it has been three or four times that since this matter began, keep in mind Secretary DeLima has only recently taken up her post, appointed by President Acquino himself.

Although still early days, it seems there is political will and a genuine determination in the Acquino administration to not only have justice done, but have it seen to be so. We fully support the President and his appointees in their difficult task. It was President Quezon himself who said he would rather see the Philippines run like hell by Filipinos than run like heaven by foreigners. He got his wish but it could be that pretty soon, the Philippines may become that heaven on earth and this time, at the hands of the rightful owners, the people of the Philippines.