Is It Still Paradise?

Good question; is it still a paradise? The Philippines I mean. Well the answer depends on your definition of paradise I guess. For some it is the best place on earth, for others it is an armpit with an open sewer running down the middle of its systemically corrupt culture. Some praise the Pinoy, others loathe them as a race and so on.

The Philippines is like any other country on earth, mine and yours included. It has its good bits and its bad bits. If the bad outweigh the good for you then it is anything but a paradise and the same for wherever you came from.

Without labouring this point too much, it is what you make of it. YOUR attitude is the crucial element here, not the Philippines or the Filipino.  The country is what it is, you are not going to change it even if you wanted to and if you want to, why stay there unless you are a natural born Filipino? The people are the way they are with as much good as bad in their behaviour, beliefs and so on and no different to you or me, ratio wise, but perhaps just in the specific details.

If you want to stay here and enjoy the process, ask yourself a better question. When you are getting close to strangling the next person who says ‘For a while Sir’, remember they just mean, ‘just a moment and I’ll have the info for you’ or whatever. The construction of the sentence is Filipino English and while it grates with me too, the reality of speaking a World Language which is what English has become, is that it will have regional anomalies. We need to get over these.

When you are sick and tired of waiting in a long line for the one cash register while five staff members stand and watch one person run one of three cash register in the register area, just laugh it off. It hasn’t changed in 22 years that I know of and I doubt it will. It is the way it is. Many locals know it is not the best way but it is the way they have to live with and reminding them of the stupidity and incompetence of the system will not change it but it will offend them and what is the gain in that?

Finally, when you realise you use the nationality of someone as a form of insult, as in ‘Bloody Filipino!’ then it is high time you went home. I did and it makes going back their for vacations so much more fun when I know I can return to western society and all its faults in a few weeks. I can live there and I can enjoy it but I can also enjoy living in the West. Perhaps some of the angry foreigners you meet are not so angry at the way things are in the Philippines as they are with the realisation they can’t be happy in either place, east or west.