How’s He Doing?

By all accounts President Acquino is living up to his promises and getting the things done he said he would. He hasn’t made a lot of friends in some areas but then that was expected. Will he keep it up for the term of his presidency? Time will tell.

There has been a lot of press about new foreign investment in the Philippines and due in no small part to the confidence the current administration lends to the economy. Many foreign investment concerns will never forget the way the German consortium was not paid by the previous government for the construction of NAIA3 at Manila Airport.I think new money will be coming in from China and South Korea, even though President Acquino returned from the recent Asian summit talks with billions in foreign aid form Australia and other western countries.

If nothing else, a new broom does indeed sweep clean and many in cushy government jobs are looking over their shoulders or waiting for the hand on the collar. Too many have been corrupt and taking money they shouldn’t and their time seems to have come.It remains to be seen if one oligarchy simply takes over from another as has happened time and time again here.